Why did I choose ‘Liturgy Guru’ to be the name for this website?

The straightforward answer is that I was looking at domain registries to find a suitable name. I thought it should be liturgy-dot-something, and that something might be within the .uk or .au top-level domains or global. Then I found liturgy.guru in response to my search. It was fairly cheap, and the .guru domain was described as a domain for a website offering expertise and advice on a particular issue. With the price and the definition, .guru made sense to me.

The word guru is Sanskrit (गुरु) for ‘teacher’ and it is a significant term in Indian religions and philosophies. I acknowledge and pay respect to the Indian traditions behind this powerful word.

‘Liturgy Guru’ can come across as somewhat preening, as if I possess all the answers when it comes to questions of liturgy. I do not have all the answers, no earthly guru does. Yet teachers are driven not by a misconception of the totality of their knowledge but by a desire to share the knowledge that they have received.